When the Bay Turns Blue

  1. Fishin' (Stream)
  2. Jack of Clubs Hotel (Stream)
  3. You Didn't Break My Heart
  4. Prairie Lady
  5. I'd Sure Like to See You
  6. Freight Train Derailed
  7. Thomas Strong
  8. Lullabye of Love & Affection
  9. One Dance
  10. When the Bay Turns Blue

About the Album

When the Bay Turns Blue, released in 1980 tells the stories of life and love in Northern Ontario.

Recorded at Studio Passeport in Hull, Quebec and produced by Ian Tamblyn, the enchanting stories on this album are woven into song in Rodney Brown's classic style.

The album features the talents of Wendy Davis, Wayne Breiland, Tom Sinkins, Lauri Conger, Sean Mundy, Damon Dowbak, Zeke Mazurek, Kim Deschamps and René Fortier.

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