Into the Woods

  1. Journey's End (Stream)
  2. Retribution Song (Stream)
  3. The Forgotten Ones
  4. The Only One
  5. Somebody Give Me a Job
  6. I'll Never be Enough For You
  7. Casualty of War
  8. Dancing with the Daughters of Radon
  9. Into The Woods
  10. Before the People Came
  11. Back to Back to the Land
  12. Love's Changes
  13. So In Love With You

About the Album

Into the Woods, Released in 2001 is Rodney's first album for adults in nearly a decade. The thirteen original compositions on the new CD tell stories of the lives and loves and social issues experienced by the people of Northwestern Ontario. Produced by Ian Tamblyn, the album's rich sounds carry through from the opening track right til the very last note. Into the Woods has garnered praise from critics all over Canada, and has been featured on CBC's Definitely Not the Opera.

With the release of Into the Woods, Rodney Brown has continued to tell the stories of Northwestern Ontario in song, and to paint pictures of life and love and lessons learned - in the place he has chosen to call home!

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