Wishes, Dreams & Giants

  1. Grassy Narrows Song (Stream)
  2. Mango Walk (Stream)
  3. In My Garden
  4. Friends
  5. At Our School
  6. Tooth Fairy
  7. Favourite Animals
  8. Teddy, Teddy, Teddy Bear
  9. In the Winter Time
  10. Rainmaker
  11. Magic Pony
  12. Abiyoyo

About the Album

Wishes, Dreams & Giants, released in 1989, is a collection of experiences about Childhood in Northern Ontario. Songs like Grassy Narrows about the joys of growing up on a Reserve, or If You Live in Northern Ontario, You Better Like Snow, directly relate to children's experiences and transport the audience from a relaxing summer evening to an icy cold adventure.

This album encourages children to learn about different cultures, find solutions for everyday problems, and explore their imaginations with songs like Abiyoyo, a song about a mega giant who loves to sing and dance.

Gertrude the Guitar, Dulcie the Dulcimer and Bill the Bilingual Banjo are accompanied by claves, maracas, tambourines and triangles on this multi-lingual album which features songs in English, French Spanish, Ojibway and Oji-Cree.

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