The Big Lonely

  1. Through the Mist (Stream)
  2. The Big Lonely (Stream)
  3. La Verendrye (Stream)
  4. Mountain Portage (Stream)
  5. Voyageurs (Stream)
  6. Map of Dreams (Stream)
  7. Pemmican War (Stream)
  8. The Mist Covered Mountains (Stream)
  9. Colonist Ball (Stream)
  10. Dionne Reel (Stream)
  11. Boucher's Canteen (Stream)
  12. Susan's Song/Dunmore Lasses (Stream)
  13. All That Remains (Stream)

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The Big Lonely - Rodney Brown

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About the Album

"Brown has created in song a vivid history..Little known tales of voyageurs, Ojibways, William McGillivray, David Thompson and Lord Selkirk are are played out with skill. A fantastic group of players..A slice of history of the Northwest and a testament to the musical talent of Thunder Bay not to be missed." - The Chronicle Journal

The Big Lonely recording project became a reality on July 15, 2004 with a C.D. release party held at McGillivrays Landing at Fort William Historical Park. Actors representing fur trade characters from the Fort introduced each song performed by Rodney Brown and the Northern Roots Band. The Band was piped in by Graeme Ross and played for a fine group of voyageur dancers. The evening was enjoyed by all and was a great kick off for the C.D.

The album is a collection of thirteen songs based on the important role Fort William played during the years it was headquarters for the North West Company. The album was recorded in Thunder Bay with the help of local musicians and Ottawa based Ian Tamblyn. Ian was very sensitive to each musician's needs and took great care in ensuring a quality product. Each song was rehearsed and shaped with Ian before entering the studio. The resulting sound is fresh, heartfelt and professional!

Rodney writes: "The Big Lonely was mixed and mastered in Ottawa. Scheduling and budget were on track for the mid July release to coincide with the Rendezvous Celebrations at the Fort. The album seems to have struck a chord with local audiences and history buffs. Many have commented on how great it is to have local history come to life on the recording. I'm hoping the album will receive positive interest across Canada."

"The early history of Fort William marked the beginnings of Western Canada. It is very discouraging when the Hudson's Bay Company receives credit for all the hard work the Nor Westers did in the making of Western Canada. The Big Lonely will help make people aware of the important role the Company Of Canadians played while headquartered here at Fort William."

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