Listener Reviews for "The Big Lonely"

Summer 2004

"Rodney, I'm an avid canoeist and I was passing through TB on the way around Lake Superior taking in all the wonderful canoeing opportunities. I happened into the Finnish Bookshop on Algoma, and saw your CD. Recognizing the Francis Ann Hopkins print on the cover and noting the name, I knew I had to buy your new CD. We plugged it into the CD player immediately and listened to it on the way up to Wabakimi and several time on the way home to Michigan. I must say, I love your CD. Both musically, and the topic at hand. Well done, I'll recommend it to all my paddling friends."

Paul Knoerr
Grand Haven, Michigan


"During a recent visit to Thunder Bay, I purchased a copy of your new CD - "The Big Lonely". As a coordinator for Historical Fairs in Ontario I was delighted to see how you have used your music to celebrate the history of Northwestern Ontario. I really enjoy listening to your songs and learning more about the history of this part of the province..."

Wayne Hugli
Garson, On.


"Love the new album. Haven't stopped playing it since I got it. Especially like "Map Of Dreams", and "All That Remains". Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next endeavour."

Winnipeg, Man.


"That was good. I came away quite impressed on many levels. The risk taken to base an entire CD on the history of a fort and a trade unknown to way-too-many modern people was larger. But as my more musically-alert friend Robyn said on the way home, "It's the music that matters, not what inspired it."


"The Big Lonely" was especially moving, haunting, captivating. Damn good!"

Neil Nelson,
Thunder Bay, Ontario