My McGillivray Plaque Project

After retracing McGillivray's steps back to the Scottish Highlands I went to London England to see where he died. His biographer Marjorie Wilkins Campbell claimed he was buried underneath the nave of the Old Wren Church St. James's Piccadilly but I could find no evidence after combing the church walls one morning. The church confirmed but explained that his grave might have been bombed during WW2.

They suggested I check the old church records at Westminster Archives where I found a document from 1825 proving his burial there. After notifying the church and others in Canada I began to take on the quest to have a new plaque made. After five years of consultations and negotiations and twelve wording revisions McGillivray's plaque was fixed at the church on July 16, 2012. Thank you to all those who contributed to my plaque project fund and sponsors Fort William Historical Park and The City of Thunder Bay.

If you would like to show your support for my time, expenses and eventual trip to St. James there are two ways to do it

Send a cheque or money order to the McGillivray Memorial Plaque Fund

Bay Credit Union
142 S. Algoma Street
Thunder Bay, On  P7B 3B8

or you can donate using your credit card or pay pal account by following this link

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